…more than one century of Baden hospitality.

In 1895, the guesthouse “Sternen” was a small village restaurant in the tranquil village of Staufenberg, which was famous for its earthquakes. Ferdinand and Emma Ulrich were the innkeepers which handed over the business to their son Karl and his wife Gretel. On the side, the innkeepers were engaged in agriculture and forestry. In the 60’s, a small gas station was added as a sideline enterprise.

At the Sternen, there has once also been a butcher’s shop and in the basement, cider has been pressed and schnapps been distilled. Even today, fruit trees can still be found in the tranquil vale underneath Merkur and grandpa Karl’s plum brandy is still famed and sought-after.

With a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, Karl-Willi Ulrich and his wife Baerbel have consistently maintained the family tradition from 1971 onwards. Over the course of three decades, guesthouse Sternen blossomed out from a village’s inn to a modern hotel and restaurant with four guest rooms, a hall and a summer terrace. Since 2005, chef Martin Ulrich and his wife Britta oversee the Sternen.

After several years of working in famous German premium restaurants, junior chef Martin Ulrich regularly conjures up little stars onto the Sternen’s plates.

Familie Ulrich
Familie Ulrich