A Warm Welcome to Hotel Sternen in Staufenberg

Dear guests, dear friends,
currently we are pleased to announce opening level 1 in the district of Rastatt, with an incidence below 10 for 5 days in a row. Please inform yourself before your visit about the applicable conditions, which can change very quickly.

In Baden-Württemberg, indoor and outdoor restaurants (opening level 1) are allowed to open, coupled with the following conditions:
– one table max.25 persons/ household independent.
– indoor celebrations (wedding, birthday, christening, etc.) here the three G’s apply and must be brought and seen by the guests
– vaccinated completely (once or twice, depending on vaccine) plus 14 days /bring vaccination passport with you
– convalesced at least four weeks, max. 6 months/bring medical certificate
– tested with quick test not older than 24 h, bring certificate or email on cell phone
– Outdoor catering is not required to present (test, vaccination certificate, convalescent certificate) completely
– Corona data collection is possible via the LUCA app, simply download the app free of charge to your smartphone and scan QR code at our office to confirm your stay.

There is no longer a curfew.

Pick-up (take-away) opening hours:
Friday – Wednesday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.; advance reservations requested at: 07224/3308.
Thursday – day off

Hotel Guests:
– Private or business travelers no proof of the three G’s only contact tracking by registration.

Stay/stay healthy and hungry!
Best regards and see you soon,
Your/your families Ulrich & the Sternen-Team


Hotel Gasthof Sternen

Our small but nice, family-run hotel invites you to linger. Depending on your preference, you can select a lovely hotel room ranging from cozy to romantic and inviting you to dwell.

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Hotel Gasthof Sternen

In our restaurant, we indulge you with Baden and fine international cuisine. Our menu invites you to culinary travel.

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In our restaurant, we indulge you with Baden and fine international cuisine. Our menu invites you to culinary travel.

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You can use the form below to send us contact and reservation requests. All inquiries are usually answered within 24 hours.

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